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I've Got My Helmet On, Too ...

One point of clarification, and then I'm off the Rudy story:

... It's all about context.

Had Rudy's comments about blogs come a week ago, it would have been a non-story.


But it is interesting that he takes a shot at blogs the day after bloggers informed America about his CNN interview.

It just strikes me as a coincidence.  That's all I'm saying...

Of course, if he can change the conversation away from this video -- to a discussion about bloggers -- he has won the day (and I have helped him).


Update: I've gotten quite a few emails from Rudy supporters who are claiming that I'm for Romney or McCain. 

The truth is, I've written positive and negative stuff about all three.  Recently, I've written some positive stuff about Rudy's campaign, here, here -- and even as late as Wednesday (before the CNN interview) -- here.


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