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Hillary/Obama Schooled by Same Radical Leftist

Today's Washington Post reminds us of a truly scary fact: If either Hillary or Obama should be elected president, we will have elected a disciple of Saul Alinski.


If you're not familiar with Alinski, he was truly a radical 60s leftist. His famous primer for activists, Rules for Radicals (which I have read several times), essentially argues "the ends justify the means." In short, Alinski taught a generation of liberals that the goals of liberalism justify any means to achieve them.

Realizing how damaging their link to Alinski is, neither Hillary nor Obama would comment on the story.

To give you an example of how disturbing it is that the Democrat nominee will most assuredly be an Alinski disciple, the equivalent would be if McCain, Giuliani, and Romney had all learned politics at the knee of George Wallace ...


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