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RedState's Erick Rescends Romney Endorsement

Erick Erickson, CEO of, has jumped off the Romney bandwagon:

"First there was abortion. He was for it, then really for it, then really, really for it, then indifferent to it, and now against it. Some of his supporters and people on his campaign have called Sam Brownback pro-choice. At least Sam has never been multiple choice. And when Sam became pro-life, he actually fought the pro-life fight. I'm not aware of Mitt Romney ever passionately fighting the fight for life. He has, at best, been luke warm -- playing it safe, but not actually advocating. And he's played it so safe, that on stem cell research, he's been willing to split the baby with parental consent."

As everyone knows, next to Townhall (okay, I'm biased), RedState is one the most influential conservative blogs out there.

While no campaign hinges on the support of any one endorsement, it's not a good sign when endorsements are rescinded.

One pro-Romney RedState commenter humorously noted the irony of this, writing of Erick: "So Erick is now a 'flip-flopper' too, eh? ... first he was for Romney, now he's against him."

Erick fired back: "... I'm changing my mind about a person. I'm not changing my whole core set of principles."

(Don't you love campaign season?)

In all seriousness, it strikes me that Sam Brownback is the big winner if Erick's defection spreads to other conservatives ...


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