Quick Tour Around Today's GOP Primary News

Posted: Feb 13, 2007 4:28 PM

Today's 2008 GOP Primary Update:

A while back, I told you Mitt Romney would soon be announcing that he was invited to speak at a major Christian University. Well, today’s Washington Post corroborates my scoop:

“…(Romney) is expected to be the commencement speaker at the Rev. Pat Robertson's Regent University in May.”

And while today was a good day for Mitt Romney, his opponents weren't about to let him have the day to himself.  In fact, it seems that John McCain's campaign pulled a nice little maneuver in Michigan (remember when he announced his NY financial backers the same day Rudy kicked off his campaign?)

According to FOX News:

“Three-term state Rep. Judy Emmons said she backed Romney on the word of former House Speaker Craig DeRochem, who will be introducing Romney at the Dearborn event. But Emmons told FOX News on Monday that after researching the candidates on her own, she came to view McCain as the better choice.

Emmons said part of the decision came down to Romney's position on abortion, and a conservative conversion that has plagued Romney since he entered national politics.

McCain's "pro-life record is compelling," Emmons said. "For 20 years, he's been pro-life every step." Romney, on the other hand, has a "consistency issue."

Not to be outdone, Rudy Giuliani’s campaign today announced a new endorsement:

 “Theodore Olson, the stalwart conservative lawyer and former solicitor general for the Bush administration … will be supporting Rudy Giuliani's presidential bid.”