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Al Franken Answers My Prayers

The AP is reporting that lame comedian AL Franken will run for the U.S. Senate in Minnesota. Frankly, this is tremendous news for Republicans because it will once again demonstrate how out-of-touch and liberal the Democrat (that's right -- no "ic") Party is. It's almost as good as if Michael Moore were running for Senate somewhere.


I didn't come up with this theory; Rush Limbaugh has consistently argued that liberals simply cannot suppress their urge to be liberal -- even if it means electoral defeat.  Give them a little power, and sooner or later, they start doing wacky things.   

Now, I'm sure that Rahm Emanuel would prefer to have Americans to associate "moderates" like Heath Schuler as the new face of the Democrat (no "ic") Party. But Al Franken isn't about to let that happen, is he?

So today may be the first good news for Republicans I've heard in a long time.

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