Trouble for Romney at the March for Life?

Posted: Jan 22, 2007 2:01 PM

Liz Mair reports that several thousand anti-Romney leaflets are being distributed at the March for Life which state that: "... as late as 2005, Romney backed forcing Catholic hospitals to dispense RU-486 ..."

Assuming this report is accurate, you have to wonder if this flier is being put out by one of Romney's opponents -- or if is a true grassroots effort. 

Without making any accusations, it's interesting to ponder which candidates would benefit most from this: Sam Brownback (who spoke at the March today) wants to cast himself as the only social conservative in the race.  Of course, John McCain is probably looking over his shoulder at Mitt Romney, too ... 

Or, there is always the chance that some disgruntled "gadfly" is really behind this.