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MKH Relocation Efforts Underway

Hey, everyone. I hate to break news on a Friday afternoon (I'm becoming such a politician!), but such is what the timing required.

I'm leaving the great, great folks at Townhall.com and Salem after almost three years for a job at
The Washington Examiner, as online editor of the soon-to-launch dcexaminer.com. From an Examiner press release:
As online editor of dcexaminer.com, Ham will be responsible for overall management of the site’s news and editorial content and staff, as well as working with Examiner and outside resources on creative development of new features and functionality. She will work from the Examiner’s downtown Washington, D.C. newsroom and will start June 10.

“We are especially excited and proud to have Mary Katharine Ham join The Washington Examiner because she among the most respected young stars of online journalism and is also well-known to cable television and talk radio audiences through her regular appearances on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ on Fox News,” said Vivienne Sosnowski, editorial director of Clarity Media, which publishes The Washington Examiner, The Baltimore Examiner and the San Francisco Examiner, as well as the Examiner.com web site.

“Her hiring demonstrates again our commitment to building a great news and information company that excels in three channels, including newspapers, online and video,” Sosnowski said.
It was not an easy decision to make. I have appreciated the personal guidance and opportunities offered me by the company and its many gifted, conservative leaders, like Chuck DeFeo, Jon Garthwaite, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Mike Gallagher,  and many, many others who grace the pages and air waves of this powerhouse one-stop-shop for today's conservatives.

It’s been both a professional pleasure and a much-appreciated challenge to work in an environment where I was allowed to be myself and produce any number of oddball web videos and other products.

I'm not outta here just yet, so I'll be around for the next couple of weeks delivering said oddball web videos (which I've been delinquent on lately), and you may see me haunting the place and the new magazine from time to time in the future. Looking forward to hanging out with you for the rest of my time here, and hopefully seeing you when you come visit me at my new place, too! I'm excited to take on another challenge in New Media using the tools and experience Townhall's innovators have given me.

Thanks, as always, for watching and reading. The Townhall audience has always been nothing but kind to me and I have appreciated it every step of the way.

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