Comeback of the Campaign

Posted: May 07, 2008 10:10 AM

Whatever you think about the claim that the McCains didn't vote Bush in 2000, this is a doozy of a push-back, from McCain aide Mark Salter on Arianna Huffington's story:
"Why would she make something up? Because she's a flake, and a poser, and an attention-seeking diva. And that's on the record."

Mark Steyn on the dust-up:
I'd be more impressed by this "straight talk" if it wasn't just as obvious in July 2000 that Arianna was "a flake, and a poser, and an attention seeking diva", when Senator McCain agreed to appear as the keynote speaker at her flaky attention-seeking posers' "shadow convention" (shadowing the GOP one, that is).
The LAT claims to find another witness to the Cindy McCain denial of Bush:
Another woman who attended the 2001 dinner said Tuesday that Cindy McCain had told her she could not bring herself to vote for Bush. The source said she did not want to be identified, so as not to alienate the McCains.
Sounds unlikely to me. John McCain's too friendly with the left sometimes, but he's no out-and-out Chafee.