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Hold Up: Obama May Win Indiana?

Momentum means nothing in this campaign. It never has. Sheesh.

Something strange is going on in Lake County, where the totals reporting is very slow. The earliest numbers from there, 28 percent reporting, show that Obama is winning by 74-25. If the margin holds in Lake County, according to Karl Rove, Obama could steal Indiana out from under her late tonight.

Could this early morning really be the end of the never-ending primary?

Regardless of the Indiana outcome, the pressure for Hillary to get out of this race is going to be tremendous for the rest of this week. I think it's pretty much a matter of how quickly this thing ends, now, not whether it will end before Denver.

Barone assessing Lake County's reporting: "If indeed we're not dealing with votes that were manufactured by something other than the volition of individual voters." Mmm-hmm. It does sound rather odd.

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