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The B(D)S Movement

My Son, It's All Linked Up To You

Cam Edwards and his kids aren't buying Obama's disavowal of Wright.

Late Night still taking on Rev. Wright.
This can't be good for BO.

Awesome conservative solution of the day:
Blame teachers' unions for the housing bubble!

Obama becomes a problem in MS-01.

The Wright coverage might get slower (if Wright manages to keep his mouth shut), but it ain't goin' away.

Operation Chaos: Canceled!

PETA makes Michael Vick blush.

I always knew Ken dolls were dangerously sexy.

Tax-evading tax evaders and the tax evaders who evade them.

The GOP gives Hillary the cold shoulder. Who knew Republicans had so much in common with Bubba?

Nutroots flip over the breaking of the Fox News boycott by Obama and Hillary.

Bobby Jindal on Leno!

Oh, wait, Clinton's still in the race.

McCain dishes out free-market health care instead of Nanny State paternalism.

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