Gov. Easley of N.C. to Endorse Hillary

Posted: Apr 28, 2008 6:15 PM
He's an uninspiring doofus who's crashed two--count 'em two-- stock cars during exhibition laps. His last term was also tainted by the exorbitant corruption of House Speaker Jim Black, the fallout from which Easley did little to shield the state:
The state and federal investigations of Jim Black’s political machine are wide-ranging, ongoing, and devastating. His bribery and extortion racket, previously known as a four-term House speakership, has subjected the people of North Carolina to wasteful and abusive government. It has subjected the state of North Carolina to national opprobrium and ridicule. In 2003, it had the result of overturning the election outcome of 2002. The existence of Black’s criminal enterprise was then critical to the success of Easley’s legislative program, most notably the passage of a state-run lottery in 2005.

To pass over all of these events in North Carolina government and politics without any specific reference to Black, or more than a passing reference to ethics, was a gross error in Easley’s part.
But, you know, he's a Democratic governor, and the Democrats of North Carolina like him fine, scandal or not. It probably helps that half the news reports about Black didn't mention he was a Democrat (guess the party!). It'll likely help Clinton with the white, rural and elderly vote she's already successful with. More of this to come.