Obama Offers his First Press Avail Since April 11

Posted: Apr 22, 2008 3:29 PM

He answered all of eight questions without balking. He's asked about his strategic blunder in saying that McCain would be a better president than Bush:

Q: Senator the other day you said that even john McCain would be better than George W. Bush. Did you in effect undercut or weaken the Democrats argument that John MCCain is the same as George Bush by suggesting that all three of you would be better?

BO: Oh no. you know, I know that conventional, text book politics means that unless you completely demonize the other side then you are showing weakness. I don’t believe that. I think Senator Clinton’s suggesting that she and John McCain are the two people who are qualified to be commadner-in-chief is probably something that could end up coming back to haunt us in November. I think to say that John McCain and some of his instincts may be better than George Bush’s, that’s a low bar. And what I also said in the same breath was that his ideas, what he’s offering are warmed over versions of Bush foreign policy and economic policy. So there’s no contradiction there. You know, but I’ve said repeatedly that I think john McCain is a genuine hero and a decent person. I just think he’s got it wrong in terms of where we need to take the country.

The brave new world of Obama's "new" politics includes an awful lot of avoidance of hard questions, no?

Update: Obama was also asked about Clinton's claim that Obama's camp played the race card on him in response to his Jesse Jackson comments in South Carolina. Which, I concede that some of Bill's comments have come under unfair racial fire (the "fairy tale" quote, for instance), but the Jesse Jackson comment was a cut-and-dried attempt to minimize Obama's win because he's the "black candidate."

Bill Clinton is now outright lying about what he said about the "race card" yesterday, and Allah has the transcript and video of Obama responding.

Since Obama's greatest advantage over Hillary is "honesty," I'm sure this will help, Bill. What a doofus this guy is.