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Only Darkness Every Link (A Song For Hillary)

Even the NYT thought Obama sucked last night.

But don't people, who already hate Hillary, hate her more when she's on the attack?

Hey Dem focus group, how many of you will vote McCain if your candidate loses?

Obama answers for connection with 60s radical William Ayers. Awkward. Tom Coburn = William Ayers, by the way.

Steph apparently got the question from Hannity.
Awkward and awesome.

Clinton tries to explain the Tuzla lie.

Jeremiah Wright/Farrakhan/Hamas free-for-all declared by...Hillary Clinton.

ABC hosts heckled after debate.

Wah. Nutroots whine over debate.



Tom Shales: Wah.

Daily Kos: Wah.

David Brooks: Stop whining, wimps. The debate was good.

ESPN drops Obama interview.

Franken's not paying his taxes.

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