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Let's Link it for the Boy

Hillary becomes a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Barone: Throw out the traditional electoral map to make way for McCain-mania! Liberals: Oh noes!

A war movie that's not anti-war.

The NYT looks at Milton Friedman, with surprisingly fair results.

Why Republicans have their own strategists and don't listen to James Carville.

Obama's comments just the latest in a long line of liberal elitism.

Good news: A wealthy, private-school educated son-of-a-governor and current U.S. Senator says Obama's truly in touch with normal Americans. To be fair, this particular senator did pull rural voters in Pennsylvania.

Obama: You know who's really out of touch? John McCain.

Hey, Hill: When's the last time you went to church or fired a gun?


Say it with me: Overreaching....

Hillary takes shots. God help us if there were bodies involved in the process.

Carter: Hey, I've been meeting with Hamas leaders for years!

Hamas MP: Yep, we're gonna conquer Rome, the two Americas, and Eastern Europe.

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