World's Greatest Defender of the Jews Now Hebrew!

Posted: Apr 11, 2008 12:00 PM

Despite the fact that no one has spoken out more fiercely against anti-Semitism than Barack Obama, Jewish and other pro-Israel voters have this sneaking suspicion that the Democrat's fairly pro-Israel rhetoric may not line up with his actual feelings.

Whether it's the fact that he hangs out with former PLO operatives, belongs to a church that lauded the likes of Louis Farrakhan and printed the Hamas manifesto in its church bulletin, is endorsed by the world's foremost sweater-wearing appeasement-monger who wishes to chat it up with Hamas terrorists in Syria, or that you can find anti-Semitic blog posts hosted on his official campaign site, there's always some pesky reason for the paranoid among us to question the great man's commitment to Israel.

But to put our fears to rest, Obama is now offering another blog on his site (this one presumably not fraught with references to the expulsion of Jews from any continent)-- in Hebrew!

Problem solved, Jewish voters. It's the Jedi mind trick.

Though you can make the argument that the Jewish vote won't be a huge deal outside of Florida because it's not huge in swing states, when a candidate is on the receiving end of four or five national news headlines in one day that serve to cast doubt on his commitment to Israel, the meme begins to sink in, and it reverberates beyond just the Jewish vote.

Evangelical Christians, for instance, are some of the most pro-Israel voters in the country and a clear contrast between McCain and Obama on that point can't hurt in getting them to turn out for him instead of becoming Obamacans. Moderates and Independents who are hawkish and pro-Israel find a perfect place to land when given a contrast between the Messiah and the Maverick.

In addition, the association with Carter and Hamas is about the most helpful one the McCain campaign can hope for, playing into everyone's fears that Obama's a nice, naive wimp who would endanger us on the world stage, even if he does it more dashingly than ol' Jimmah.

Update: Here's me talking about it on Fox & Friends this morning. Thanks to MRC for uploading, since I forgot to tell anyone about the appearance:

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