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It Always Feels Like Somebody's Linking Me

That cold breath on your neck, Barack? That lurking, dark presence tailing your campaign? It's our gal, Hill! Yeah, I'm hoping against hope, here, but I think she'll surprise in at least Ohio.

Bring on the "moral claim" to the candidacy, which would be a great strategy  except that the Clintons aren't really entitled to claim anything preceded by the word "moral."

The Rush Plan backfires when Republican cross-over voters feel suddenly disenfranchised (though this story is so silly, I'm inclined to think it's a liberal reader exaggerating the story on the ground at the expense of Republican voters and to the great benefit of stereotypes of Republican voters).

Rep. Todd Platts of Pennsylvania has sworn off earmarks. Spread his name far and wide, as men like him are the foundation of our Republic. As this unsourced and possibly historically misattributed, but appropriate, quote from Andrew Jackson expresses: "One man with courage makes a majority."

"It is pretty pathetic."

Is Obama an empty rhetoritician and a liar on NAFTA

Press finally asks Obama more than his favorite flavor of ice cream. And, as a faithful right-winger, I note yet again that Neopolitan is exactly the effete, European choice we expect from the most liberal member of the Senate. Any man who courts foreign favor in his choice of postprandial indulgences certainly doesn't have the stones to stand up to our enemies.

Apparently John McCain wrote a book?
Must have been while the Straight Talk Express was parked at the Flying J last summer with no money to fuel it. Chili dogs, Doritos, and fresh-made waffles are brain food, don'tcha know?

No wonder Hillary's press coverage is in the pisser!

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