Huck Ready to End It? (Update: Dropping Out Tonight)

Posted: Mar 04, 2008 8:56 PM
Our long national annoyance is over.

Ha, I'm being too hard on Huck. I don't care one bit for his economic populism, but he's been an admirably strong candidate and an uncannily strong communicator. Now, if we can just turn him into an economic conservative and get him communicating for us....

Huck wants to arrange the concession with McCain, but between accepting the Republican nomination, fighting with the Democratic nominee, and taking hold of the RNC, he may be busy.

Now, what kind of deliberative body might be in danger of tipping overwhelmingly toward the Dems this year and could use a GOP candidate in Arkansas, who would enjoy a job that involves mostly chatting with reporters and giving speeches?

Hmmm, Mike, I think you'd look all right with green hair.

Update: Fox reports that Huck says there will be no particular announcement tomorrow.

Update: Fox is reporting Huck will take the stage tonight to bow out.