Gunman Opens Fire at Northern Illinois University

Posted: Feb 14, 2008 5:38 PM

Differing reports say 15-18 people sent to the hospital, several of them with head wounds. The shooter-- a white male dressed in all black-- is said to have killed himself after the shooting.

From a student:
"The ambulance took away two students on the ground right outside my dorm," she said. "I don't know them. They looked bloody. Where I am right now, there are a lot of police, at least a dozen. There are police cars and trucks everywhere."

Broxton said the scene was chaotic.

"I saw a lot of confusion," she said. "Students were running. People really didn't know what was going on. There is an intercom system inside the dorm. Someone came on and stated that someone had been caught. They said they caught the shooter and that we should remain calm and stay in our rooms. I am in my room now."
Keep them all in your prayers.