I Voted for a Clinton

Posted: Feb 12, 2008 5:21 PM
How did it feel? Dangerous and kind of dirty. Just like a Clinton presidency!

I figure McCain should take the state without too much trouble and maybe I can boost my gal Hillary past all the turmoil caused by her little crony alter-ego's mismanagement, so that Republicans can be spared a match-up with the most inspiring senator in American history of no particular accomplishments.

I must admit I teared up a little bit at the thought of voting for a woman for president, so touched was I. Ha. Totally kidding. My vote was as cold and calculating as the candidate I voted for.

Now, if Huckabee ends up pulling this out in Virginia, I'll be one sad voter indeed, but I thought the Mac probably had things under control. I did notice that McCain had no presence this weekend at the state's biggest gun show, but guess who did? That's right. Mike Huckabee. Not a great move on the McCain campaign's part, since it was probably the biggest concentration of white, rural voters in the state, and it happened close to the District, out at Dulles Expo. Surely they should have been able to get a few volunteers out there.

Speaking of voting, I'm up for Video Blog of the year for HamNation at the Politics Online Conference this year, and you can vote. I'd appreciate it if you like the product. Plus, it's less dirty than a vote for a Clinton!

A commenter at Hot Air reminds me that McCain no-likey the gun shows, which is why he was not in attendance at the fertile rural voter ground this weekend. Flashback to the McCain-Reed-DeWine gun show bill. I'd forgotten about that particular McCain transgression. Yuck.

McCain wins, but not as strongly as he should have. Now, my readers won't crucify me for my strategic vote! Woo! And, maybe, just maybe, I'll have a part in the proportional division of delegates between Clinton and Obama that will throw them into a superdelegate feud.