Exit Poll Mania!

Posted: Jan 29, 2008 6:55 PM
Update: Obviously, if you're in the Panhandle and polls haven't closed yet, go vote! This is all political gossip, and it looks like it's close enough for every vote to count tonight. Enjoy your power!

Jim Geraghty's messing with the inTrade numbers by posting this info, which is either first or second wave exits:

The first wave of exit poll numbers, including absentees: McCain 34.3 percent, Romney 32.6 percent, Giuliani 15.3 percent, Huckabee 12 percent.

UPDATE: Interestingly a second source — yes, guardians of the exit poll data, I have not one but two spies within your ranks! — tells me these are the "second wave" numbers. Also, this source heard these numbers DON'T include the absentee voters.

McCain-- he of the mischaracterization of Romney's Iraq War views-- was whining about negative campaigning right down to the wire.

I wonder if you're still allowed to get in a prediction for the chance to win a Forbes subscription...

Romney outspent McCain 3-to-1 in Florida
, which is perhaps the reason he kept his stump attacks fairly tame:
"There's one candidate who has said the economy is not his strong suit. Well, it's my strong suit!"
Not exactly fightin' words. Stop complaining, Mac.

Update: Late-deciders go for McCain and Romney evenly, according to Fox.

Seniors and Hispanics going for McCain in a big way.

Conservatives and those who care about illegal immigration going with Romney.