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No Wonder She's Moving On...

Having left the "first black president" behind to campaign for her, who promptly sparked the racial debate again by telling reporters, "Hey, about that race thing from last week? It wasn't us who started it. It was the black guy, and I'm about sick and tired of people accusing li'l ol' me of bringing it up."

Obama has returned fire by saying the Clintons will "say anything and do nothing"-- information Republicans have been privy to for many years.

And, the message seems to be working for Barack in South Carolina, where Clinton is reportedly going to be making a last-minute push with appearances on Friday.

The latest Rasmussen numbers have Obama over Hillary in S.C., 43-28. Yowza.

The fruits of the race war:

Obama continues to enjoy dominant support among African-American voters who make up roughly half of Democratic Primary Voters in South Carolina. Obama now leads Clinton 68% to 16% among African-Americans in the Palmetto State. Edwards earns just 6% of the African-American vote...

Obama’s 52-point advantage among African-Americans is up from 44-points in the previous survey and nearly double his 23-point edge in mid-January.

Edwards will be playing downhome spoiler to the Clintons, shaving off some white voters.

Rasmussen had Obama up 10-12 in the days before Clinton's New Hampshire comeback. Can she come back from this deficit with a 50 percent black electorate Saturday?

Quick! Deploy Ugly Betty's oratory of fire!

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