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Mike Huckabee and the Johnny Five Constitution

Unlike Johnny, the Constitution is not alive.

Huckabee referred to the Constitution as a "living, breathing document" this week, prompting many to go, "say whaaa?" For a guy who's otherwise so in tune with evangelical conservatives, those are some mighty weighty liberal code words to be bandying about.

To be clear, I don't think Huckabee's about to start nominating activist judges. In fact, he used the phrase, oddly, in an answer about how important the amendment process is to the Constitution, seemingly emphasizing that is should be changed that way instead of through divining new rights from its "living, breathing" words without bothering with the whole Constitutional process.

Still, the words undercut his appeal to pro-life evangelicals and make all wonder, if not about his philosophy, about his familiarity with the issue. Doesn't everyone know those are no-no words for conservatives? Very strange.

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