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Fox Fun and Slightly Awkward Green Room Moments

I was on Fox just now and noted that, if Mitt finishes strongly in New Hampshire, people might coalesce around him as the anti-Huck candidate in South Carolina since I'm not sure McCain can pull anything off down there in that solidly conservative state.

Before the segment, I had been in the green room with Chip Saltzman, Huckabee's national campaign manager. When I walked back in, Saltzman jokingly chided me for knocking Huckabee.

I told him I was a fiscal conservative first, and he tried to sell me on Huck's credentials. I assured him that, while I will not be supporting Huck, I say plenty of nice things about him. Sure, many of them are back-handed compliments, but I do give credit where credit is due sometimes. I told him the "Club for Greed" shot was a dagger to my heart, so he hadn't convinced me.

Before he left, he said he was off to "undo everything Mary Katharine just did," chuckling. I appreciate his confidence in the sway I hold. Ha.

I'm just sitting at the Fox make-shift studio working because it's warm and there's wireless. Shep Smith walked by, and I calculated that he made $300,000 in the time I watched him walk.

Susan Estrich is here and is very stylish and very petite. I had no idea.

Next, we're headed to a McCain party and wondering if we should be heading to the Mitt party on the off-chance he pulls something off. For the record, I still think Huck might surprise tonight. See, Chip? I say nice things.

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