The Vagueness of Obama

Posted: Jan 07, 2008 11:40 PM
I get how people get caught up in him. He's a great speaker, he's excited about his mission, he's become the "cool" guy to support, and his message is just so uplifting. He's positive, he's warm, he has a great family.

But what's he lifting us up to? I'm hearing a lot about "dreams" and "change" and "hope." I heard a protestation about how his message is not vague and he can't believe how anyone would say so.

When he "got into the specifics," he told how he'd get out of Iraq and concentrate on Afghanistan and cover more people with affordable health care.

He's onto a dissertation about "hope" and the differences between "hope" and "change." Seriously. He mentions critics who call him an "idealist" and say he can't accomplish anything. "They call me a hopemonger," he says, getting off a pretty good line.

"Everything great that's happened in this country has happened because someone believed in something...We're here today because a bunch of colonists got together a rag tag army and decided to take on the British Empire."

All right, I like the American Revolution line. He takes the same illustration on through emancipations, civil rights and women's rights. It's a good passage. It ends in, "That's what hope is."

Why do my opponents hate hope????

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