Is Hillary Shipping in Support?

Posted: Jan 07, 2008 8:35 AM
In New Hampshire:

Reporters who walked into this Nashua high school today were immediately struck by the crowd — there are visibly more people here for Sen. Hillary Clinton than were here for Sen. Barack Obama yesterday in the same location.

The Clinton crowd was loud and boisterous and their foot-stomping was thunderous.

Many of them were also from Massachusetts.

Some of them drove in from the nearby state for the hubbub, but others were apparently brought in on buses.

The New York Post has this to say about her:


Yikes. I'm heading to a Hillary event this evening to have a look-see at the climate she's facing, and I'm planning on a late-night Obama shindig (though things may change). Also, on the docket for today, a McCain event and a Romney event, and maybe a visit to a sports bar for the game tonight.

I don't think Hillary will necessarily tank in New Hampshire. She's still a tough candidate with a serious machine, but I don't see a way she competes with the excitement Obama's creating. Her ads here are a hodge-podge of change and hope and the experience needed to lead toward change and hope while Obama's are much more straightforward. Granted, I don't think he has much to back up his "hope and change" promise, but the message is clear and feels honest. Her message is confusing and feels desperate: "Don't you see that I'm about change, people? I always have been! Listen to me!"

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