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Are You Ready for Change?

I'm at a Hillary event in the Salem High School auditorium in Salem, N.H. Hillary's addressing a full crowd, which is pretty excited partly thanks to a really good warm-up guy who was tossing free t-shirts into the audience. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a male Hillary supporter does not throw like a girl.

The stage is flanked by posters that read, "READY for CHANGE," the same hodgepodge message she's got running in ads all over the state.

A few reporters are chatting behind me:

Reporter A: "Is she scheduled to emote again at this event?"
Reporter B: "No, I think she's scheduled to show more stoicism here."

Ouch! The media turns. Hill walked on stage to a standing "O," and the woman introducing her is saying she's "tough as nails," which brings a bit of a murmur from the crowd and press.

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