Amnesty By Any Other Names...McCain Lands Punches

Posted: Jan 05, 2008 8:15 PM
The amnesty discussion, also interesting, as it gets into specifics of each guy's plan. McCain is landing punches.

McCain: "You can spend your entire fortune on those attack ads, but that still won't make it true."

Press room: "Oooooh!"

Mitt claims he was misquoted by the AP. "That happens from time to time."

McCain: "When you choose different positions from time to time, you'll get misquoted."

Press room: "Oooooooooooooh!"

Rudy pulls the Reagan card.

"Reagan did amnesty. He did it. If he were here today, he'd probably be in one of Mitt's negative commercials. And, he's the hero of our party. None of us has a perfect record on immigration."

Fred cuts to the chase:

"If it rewards bad behavior, it's amnesty," he said before repeatedly questioning Mitt about his plan, which had Mitt a little stuttery.

Fred lauds "enforcement by attrition" by enforcing the current law, securing the border and punishing employers.