Michael Moore Delivers Motivational Speech on Election Eve...For Republicans

Posted: Jan 02, 2008 2:20 PM
It's actually a web message entitled, "Who do we vote for this time around?"

He bashes Hillary for characteristically self-centered reasons. His complaint? She didn't sit down with him for an interview for Rolling Stone earlier this year. Yes, because we all know what an historically fair and accurate media opportunity Michael Moore has presented for the well-disciplined candidate, right? No tricks up his sleeve! Good on her for turning that one down.

He rounds out his thoughts by bashing her for her nuance on the Iraq war, taking Obama to task for being feel-good but ultimately kind of shallow, and knocks Edwards for his hair. All right, who's been distributing the right-wing talking-points sheet to this guy? Thanks, Michael! Our thoughts exactly.

He also offers his projections on the general election:
But we know that the Democrats are experts at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and if there's a way to blow this election, they will find it and do it with gusto.
Woo hoo, at least someone thinks we'll win!