Hillary: Queen of Pork

Posted: Dec 19, 2007 9:53 AM

As the budget fight trudged on (the omnibus is essentially passed at this point, with one more affirmation vote in the House coming up. No Christmas presents for fiscal conservatives!), the good folks at Heritage were actually combing the omnibus bill that none of your senators will bother to read in its entirety.

Schumer, Murray and Clinton are the top porkers. Somewhere, Ted Stevens is dabbing his eyes with a taxpayer-funded Sen. Ted Stevens Hankie acquired in the farm bill of 2005 with money for a $100,000 earmark for "infrastructure for salt-water clean-up and mucus retainment."

If Obama were smart-- he of the actual, results-yielding Coburn-Obama bill to get pork projects out in the open-- he'd whack Hillary with this one. Sure, Dems aren't really for fiscal responsibility, but he could make a good argument about how he's fighting the status quo. Of course, I wonder how many pork projects he has in the bill.

Coburn on the omnibus:
“This bill is the culmination of 12 months of procrastination, broken promises and misplaced priorities. Experts looking for an explanation of Congress’ historic low approval ratings should look no further than this bill.”