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Baby's First Suicide Bombing


In Britain, investigators are looking into the sale of a children's sing-along DVD that glorifies suicide bombing. The book store selling the DVD is in one of Britain's terrorist hotbeds, just blocks from the homes of the 7/7 bombers.

One song, inspired by the story of a Palestinian mother of two who killed four Israeli soldiers in a suicide bombing in 2004, features a young girl watching her mother prepare and strap on a dynamite belt .

As her mother confronts a pair of soldiers and blows herself up, her little girl vows to  follow in her steps  while gazing meaningfully at a stick of dynamite.

So sick it's hard to even know what to say. Oh, and the video is hosted by a really cute cartoon chicken.


Udate: Allah, who's always been ahead of the media on reporting this stuff, and doing it consistently, rounds up some of the past greatest hits, here.


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