The Best. Moderator. Evah.

Posted: Dec 13, 2007 2:58 PM
Nurse Ratched to John Edwards:

"Oops, I misunderstood you to be raising your hand, so that was extra time."

Geraghty looks deep into the complicated practice of picking the questions that comprise the worst debates in Western history.

Decent question from the mod about Hillary's secrecy during the health care debate in the 90s. "How would you make sure that you have transparency in your administration even if it would give ammunition to your opponents?" I wish she had asked about releasing the documents already in existence instead of hypothetical documents of the future.

Hillary: "I learned a lot of lessons from that and I think I can implement what I've learned."

Update: Wow, she slaps Biden with the old 7-Eleven gaffe about Indians to ask if he's "uncomfortable" talking about race. I'm no Biden fan, but that's a cheap shot, and unnecessary since he's never going to get the nomination. Stop wasting time.

Biden answers fairly gracefully and Obama backs him up, says he's "on the right side of the issues." Looks like a nice guy, which is exactly what his campaign wants with strident Hillary on stage.

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