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For Once in My Link (YouTube Debate Preview)

First off, the plus of staying in a cheesy beach hotel instead of whatever fancy digs the rest of the reporters are in ('cause they ain't here!) is I got up and took a run on the beach. I have pictures to prove it, too.

I'm down in St. Petersburg for the debate, and will be catching up with campaigns and debate-goers later in the day. Right now, a couple preview links...

From my preview interview with Anderson Cooper: "Campaign operatives are people, too." Awwww.

The Salt Lake Tribune wonders if YouTubers will be the proxy for asking questions about Romney's faith.

A CNN poll shows that if a primary were held today in the Sunshine State, Rudy'd hit his rivals where the sun don't shine, if you know what I'm sayin'. (And, if not, I just mean he's really ahead.)

Of course, the Huck camp is pumped about the Insider Advantage poll that puts the man from Arkansas at 17 percent to Rudy's 26, with McCain and Mitt trailing.

"He doesn't live in Washington."

More Carson-style introductions

Return of the snowman.

"What does Republican mean to you?

Hill still tops Rudy in Florida
. If I were a Rudy adviser, my advice would be "more jean shorts."

Yeah, this is pretty much what's going on:

Roaring out of the Thanksgiving break last weekend, both Romney and Giuliani traded shots for two days running on a variety of issues - spending, tax cuts, crime, healthcare, and appointments - as they stumped in New Hampshire, where Giuliani is redoubling his efforts to catch Romney.

Giuliani and Romney have used increasingly harsh language against each other. But in the past five days, Romney and Thompson have also zinged Huckabee for advocating driver's licenses and tuition breaks for illegal immigrants while governor of Arkansas; Huckabee hammered Romney for shifting positions on abortion and gay rights; McCain whacked both Giuliani and Huckabee for their lack of military and foreign policy experience; and Giuliani's campaign issued a release criticizing Thompson's record on taxes while serving as a senator from Tennessee.


Did Mitt say "probably not" to Muslims in the Cabinet? And, since the deadline for YouTube entries was Sunday, will he have to answer questions about it? When I talked to CNN's David Bohrman Monday he said Anderson had lots of "flexibility." I wonder if that's where his limber mind will lead him...

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