Hillary's 'Just a Girl' Sputtering Over Spitzer

Posted: Oct 31, 2007 8:50 AM

The most important minutes of the debate?

The couple in which Hillary really sounded like a fool over the Spitzer license fiasco. She was flustered, she was incomprehensible, she was exceptionally shrill, and transparent enough in her clumsy dodging that she had the entire audience laughing at her by the end of the question.

Where was the vaunted Clinton calculation, the suave political acumen? As with many things about the Clintons, it's always been a bit overblown.

Now, in defense mode, and surprised by Tim Russert's tough questioning (which I wrote about in my column), Hillary advisers are now crying foul, saying Russert was "borderline unprofessional" in his attempts to get Hillary to actually answer questions. Yesterday, her website was posting missives from Obama's campaign, trying to stick him with the "going negative" label before the debate even started.

Newsflash, Hill. You're a front-runner, and if you can't take the occasional hard question the liberal MSM manages to wring from its agenda-driven coverage, you're in over your head. And, you look it.

Is she really gonna play the "I'm just a girl" card so obviously? I've never liked her, but I figured she was tougher than that. Not when the going gets rough, apparently. And, it's rough, even according to the media.

Time sticks her behind Edwards, Obama, Biden, Dodd, and Richardson in their assessment. Ouch. C- for the lady:
The failure of her performance was cumulative, however, so only those watching the whole debate would see how weak her evening was. If she loses the nomination, tonight will go down in history as the first step to her defeat — no fatal "Dean Scream" catastrophe, but far from her finest moment, to say the least.
Hill showed tremendous potential for crumbling under pressure last night, and the Democrat field as a whole was largely strident, stilted and mostly humorless. I'm now feeling kinda pumped to see her up against a Republican nominee.
This is for you, Hill.