I Can Feel the Devil Linking Next To Me

Posted: Oct 18, 2007 10:18 AM

I'm gonna be working on a HamNation idea this morning, so a link round-up for you, hosted by Murray Head.

Back when some in Hollywood knew an enemy (and it wasn't Bush!). A list of anti-commie movies for your viewing pleasure.

"In the West, they study the Goran."

Jim Ogonowski (whom I mentioned Tuesday) lost by 6 points in MA-5, which ain't bad since that district is well within the traditional drinking and philandering habitat of the native Kennedy. Patrick Ruffini reports that running a citizen with a great life story and a change message worked even in the bluest of blue districts. Ogonowski's poised for another run.

Matt gets catty on Jeri. Rowr. One wonders if Jeri's allowed to invoke the 11th Commandment? Meanwhile, the Jeri Girls defend the right to choose to be smart, beautiful, and Republican.

GOP figuring out how best to lose in 2008.

In better news, the House GOP outmaneuvered Dems on FISA yesterday, forcing them to pull their version of a bill before a scheduled vote. Click to read the frighteningly pro-American amendment the Dems were so scared of.

Close enough for government work! ...Until you get blowed up.