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The Evil Has Landed

Ahmadinejad is in America to communicate some "alternative views" today:
Some of those views, such as his position that the Holocaust did not happen and that the state of Israel should be destroyed, have sparked international fury and have made his trip here to attend the United Nations General Assembly session contentious even before it starts.

Last week, Ahmadinejad made headlines by asking for permission to lay a wreath at Ground Zero.
The Ground Zero visit was averted (Edit: May not have been averted, actually.) by an outcry from New Yorkers and American. Ahmadinejad was planning to dole out some wisdom on "root causes" at Ground Zero. Rich.
"Usually, you go to these sites to pay your respects," Ahmadinejad said in the interview. "And also to perhaps air your views about the root causes of such incidents."
If you want to get your protest on today, check in a Atlas Shrugs for places and times, in NYC and Washington, D.C. I'm going to try to get over to a protest at the National Press Club at noon, where Ahmadinejad will be addressing a crowd via video link-up.

The LA Times describes the psycho thusly: "a flinty populist in a zip-up jacket whose scathing rhetoric and defiance of Washington are often caricatured in the Western media, has transcended national and religious divides to become a folk hero across the Middle East."

Read the whole thing for more overly cozy descriptions of the zipped-up dictator.

Allah has video of the 60 Minutes interview, and the good news that Ahmadinejad will have plenty in common with the Truthers we met at Ground Zero if he ends up there.
The American people still don’t know who was behind the bombing of the Twin Towers. Many books in the U.S. have been written about the incident., and there are questions circling in your society. Once you go back, go to the streets, ask the local people who was behind this, what were the reason for that? And, again, I fail to see why you continually say “the American people.“ I have the latest surveys. Eighty percent of the American citizens say that the American government knew about the attack beforehand. [This figure is almost certainly bogus. — ed.] They had information…
And, the Corner reports that he may just end up there.

Kevin McCullough is urging readers and listeners to get out to Ground Zero to block Ahmadinejad, because the visit is still on the dictator's itinerary.

Hillary took this opportunity to deliver her patented kinda-sorta-condemnation:
"If I were a president of the university, I would not have invited him," Clinton told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "He's a Holocaust denier. He's a supporter of terrorism. But I also respect the right in our country to make different decisions."
As for Columbia, turns out they're extremely open to "alternative views" from international terrorist types.

Columbia: Nazi-friendly since 1933!

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