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The Bradley Smith Sessions: Blogs, 527s, Fred and McCain-Feigold, and 'Is There Hope?'

There are very few men and women in this country who really, really understand campaign finance law. Bradley Smith, former FEC Commissioner and FEC Chairman, is one of them. Watch the video to find out who he says
doesn't understand it so well...

When news broke that the FEC had decided to extend the "media exemption" to political blogs, so that we're not subject to onerous regulations of free speech (thanks, guys!), I thought I'd call Brad and ask him about a few things that will be hot in the coming election cycle. Then, I figured I might as well video it while I was at it. Makes me look more like a "media entity," less susceptible to regulation. Ha.

He's an extremely smart guy and it was a privilege to be able to steal some of his day to ask him some questions. This first video has advice to bloggers, explanation of current law, and what the recent ruling means for all of us. I split the interview into segments, so I'll post all four, so you can choose your poison:

The future of 527s?

So, What did Fred Thompson have to do with the passage of McCain-Feingold?

Can we ever make campaign finance law work?

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