In Defense of 'Kid Nation'

Posted: Aug 28, 2007 10:46 AM
Yeah, I just can't get all up in arms about the alleged "child abuse" on the set of CBS's new show. If CBS broke laws, it will pay the price, as it should, but I think the hype is a bit overwrought. That's my column this week. Have at it in comments.

In our risk-averse culture, some tend to think any kid not helmeted, medicated, and insulated within an inch of his life is risking his life. Most kids will tell you it’s when they’re cut loose and rough-and-tumble that they’re having the times of their lives.

To me, “Kid Nation” looks like it entailed the same risks and hard work of some serious summer camping. To call it “child abuse” is more than a bit…outrageous.