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The Democrats' LGBT Debate in 10 Minutes

Obama is accused of being "old-school" and won't call the struggle for gay rights the same as civil rights. Melissa Etheridge: "Should public schools teach about LGTB families?" Edwards: "Yep." Sheesh, he's such a schlockmeister, playing the Coulter card again, flip-flopping on gay marriage, spurning his faith. Classy. Richardson is caught off-guard, tough question for Hill on don't-ask-don't-tell.

A question they should have asked John: "Would you say that your victimization at the hands of Coulter is equal to the victimization of gays and lesbians in George Bush's Amerikkka?"

I imagine he'd equate the struggles, so great is his burden. Fun times. Enjoy.

Update: Hillary hems and haws on her comments on Peter Pace's comments. A stunning flip-flop recounted. Textbook wilting under political pressure, this one.


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