88-Year-Old Becomes Eagle Scout

Posted: Jul 31, 2007 9:33 AM

Hart joined the Cub Scouts in 1928 in Malden, Mass., and earned 23 merit badges during his years as a Boy Scout, scouting officials said. Of the 120 merit badges available, 21 must be earned to qualify for Eagle Scout rank.

It all got set aside when he joined the Navy during World War II and served two years aboard the USS Alfred A. Cunningham.

Last year, he rediscovered some of his old Boy Scout memorabilia, including documents that showed he completed the requirements for his Eagle Scout rank. He contacted the Scouts about receiving his award.

"I think this was something that was always on his mind, but every time he went to go do it, something else came up," daughter Elizabeth Gatturna said. "I know how hard he's tried to get to this point."

When my brothers were trying to earn their Eagle Scouts, I know there were times when my mom thought they wouldn't be done until they were 88. Congrats to Mr. Hart. It is a hard-earned honor, and I'm glad he got it, finally.