A Culture of Bad-Assery: Carjack Edition

Posted: Jul 16, 2007 1:07 PM
Some people call it a culture of self-defense, but I think this moniker will work just as well. In San Antonio this weekend, three separate drivers refused to be helpless in the face of a carjacker, did some damage to the screwdriver-wielding jerk, and kept him from hurting anyone else on the scene.

First, a son is carjacked and informs his parents, who then chase down the guy driving their son's car:
The carjacker stole the vehicle and Regalado's son notified his father about the incident.

Regalado and his wife pursued the suspect in the family van. Regalado said Cantu, who was only a block away, turned the stolen vehicle around and rammed them.
The carjacker crashed the car, threatened a family that stopped to help at the crash scene and tried to carjack two more cars, unsuccessfully:
"He pulls a screwdriver," the driver said. "He says, 'Don't make me stab you,' so I grabbed the screwdriver, pulled it to the side, and kicked him. I pressed the gas at the same time and took off."

Police said Cantu approached another driver in the area who claims he saw him coming.The driver, who wanted to remain unidentified, said he hit the carjacker with his pickup.

"He jumped on me and tried to open my door, but I already knew what he was going to do," the driver said. "So, I locked all my doors. I turned my truck into him and hit him with my truck. I got him pretty good."

The driver said Cantu hobbled away from the scene. Cantu was at large for several hours until his arrest, police said.
Video at the link