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HamNation Delay... (The Last One)

Hey, guys. You're gonna have to take my apologies again this week in lieu of a HamNation video.

But there's good news! I finally got a producer (Can I get an Amen, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord whose middle name's Harold
, and a side of fries with that!?!?). In short, I am excited to have some help.

Since I started video-blogging about eight months ago, and lost my original producer to the McCain campaign a couple months in (I can never decide if I'm more bitter about that or McCain-Feingold...), I have really tried hard to keep the product watchable and entertaining. Sometimes I haven't had the lighting, audio, computer, camera, technical equipment or skills to do that, but y'all have always been forgiving and I appreciate it.

The rest of the office appreciated it too, since if you had gone all medieval and heartless on my little projects, which despite being simple and little nonetheless kept me up all Thursday night, I would surely have taken it out on my office-mates in the form of flying coffee mugs (I pick up extras every time I'm on "Reliable Sources" for just such an eventuality) and indiscriminate defenestration of office supplies, up to and including interns.

So, Townhall thanks you for your patience. I have gotten better at video editing, but not much faster, so having our new whiz kid work on these will free up a lot of my time to, umm, dress my Peeps more ambitiously. Peep

But seriously, I can spend some more time coming up with ideas and scripts and perhaps making HamNation a more frequent affair while keeping up and improving quality. Should be fun! Thanks again for your patience, and keep watching for a new video.

Matt-- the new producer-- and I will be sitting down next week to hash things out and talk about schedules. And, he will of course, have to pay his respects to the Peeps. They're quite moody performers and require obeisance. Spoiled little marshmallows.

Back with more soon! I can't thank you all enough for watching, despite the bumps in the road.

Thanks to Justin, my former producer, who answered questions for me when I was on my own despite being very busy in his own right. Thanks to Michelle Malkin and Bryan Preston for the inspiration and my first go in front of the camera. Thanks to Glenn Reynolds and Dr. Helen for encouragement.

Thanks to Allah for consultation, some video converting and being a general source of newsclippy goodness and much-appreciated linkage for my productions. Thanks to the Ham Fam for pitching in on production. Thanks to Bill Ardolino for essential borrowed production equipment for which I'm sure I owe him wear-and-tear money, good advice, and great ideas. And, a special thanks to
Favazza, without whose help on ideas and scripts, filming skillz, and general coolness, HamNation would not have survived the last six months.

Yeah, yeah, it sounds like I think I'm at the Academy Awards or something, but ask anyone who's tried to do consistent video, and they'll tell you it's a ton of fun, but harder than it looks at first glance. I couldn't have done it without these folks, so I had to thank them. Most of them helped just because they're my buds and got little to no reward for it. (Although, if you want to thank them for their help, please send contribution checks to with "AllahPundit's iPhone fund" in the memo line.)

Back with more soon! Thanks, thanks, thanks for linking and watching. Feel free to have at the archives in the time being.

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