In Which A Liberal Makes Himself Sillier Than I Ever Could

Posted: Jul 09, 2007 10:04 AM
A liberal e-mailer responds to a TV appearance in which I mentioned the hypocrisy of Rosie's opposition to gun rights for regular Americans while her own bodyguards are out applying for concealed-carry to protect her and her children.

As this correspondent so aptly explains, Rosie gets a gun because she's better than you:

As for the private permit for concealed weapon, Rosie is controversial and in the public eye.  She needs protection of a different sort than the Average Joe.  The gun would be managed by a professional.  This is a much different situation than the NRAs stance of a gun for every  man, woman and child.  They apparently don't see the progress we've made since the wild, wild west.  And yes, Rosie probably lets her kids play shoot 'em up cowboy too, but unlike Bush and the NRA she knows that human life is not childs play.