AP 'Startled' By Bush Criticism in Debate

Posted: Jun 06, 2007 12:15 AM
Despite the fact that it has happened at every debate so far, that the base's displeasure with the immigration bill is well-publicized, and that Bush's "don't want to do what's right for America" swipe at critics prompted an even better-publicized clobber of a column from Peggy Noonan, which all of punditry pretty much acknowledged was an accurate reflection of the base's feelings about Bush.

And yet, totally surprising to the AP that men courting the aforementioned base would reflect such feelings.

Puzzle and puzzle 'til your puzzler is sore, guys.

Ace commends CNN for finding "likely Republican" voters that accurately reflect his feelings:

Off to a good start -- a woman who lost her husband brother to the war wants to know how to get us out of Iraq.

I'm so surprised CNN found this questioner!

Why, you'd think liberals had some sort of premeditated strategy to put forward victims to push their policies or something!

More! Environmentalism, prescription drug subsidies, and now, from the affiliate's handpicked (liberal) blogger, a question as to whether or not to install a Canadian style single-payer national health care system!

Wow! These "likely Republican voters" sure are reflecting my concerns and interests!

And, what was with the CNN amateur hour? They had mike problems in the Democratic debate and somehow didn't get them worked out in the intervening two days? Giuliani's mike actually cut off a part of one of his answers. The producers were mighty clumsy with the cameras when Wolf was asking his "down-the-line" questions, panning from candidate to candidate too quickly and missing half of each candidate's answer before panning violently back to the speaker. I know these events are hard to put together, but they can be put on well. That's kinda CNN's job.

My favorite totally unbiased question came from Wolf and was something like, "You know, Arnold has really gained a lot of independent voters and broadened his base in California by moving farther and farther left. Isn't that something you guys should probably try to emulate?"

I thought the appropriate answer to that would have been, "I don't know. What do you think we should do, Wolf? It's a mystery to us.