Will the Immigration Rumble Happen or Not?

Posted: Jun 04, 2007 10:31 AM

NRO keeps nudging WSJ, but nothing official yet.

Last week, Steve Moore seemed to take the challenge on Bill Bennett's radio show, but details were never hashed out.

Paul Gigot of the WSJ told the NYT later the same week that the WSJ had already been kind enough to invite NRO editors onto their Fox News show, but no one had accepted, so they saw no need for a debate.

Today, NRO repeats its request for a debate in a neutral site, and the WSJ continues to look like a punk.

Is there anyone out there who doubts that this would be a great intellectual fireworks display? The WSJ, as fellow intellectually curious conservatives, should accept just to give us all a good show. It's part of the spirit of the conservative movement to have these spirited debates. Hence, the Cato vs. Heritage interns annual debate, which is always a hoot. Come on, WSJ. What are you? Chicken? Don't let the interns outdo you.