Hammin' it Up in the Politico

Posted: Jun 04, 2007 1:14 PM
The Politico is running a "get to know your bloggers" feature called "Blogjam," and I'm featured today.

During the interview, I discovered that I'm an exceedingly boring blogger who never fights with anyone, so maybe I should try to do that more often. The only tiff I could relate was when I was on TV one time with Aravosis of Americablog. During the appearance, I referred to him as "far Left," which I didn't think was terribly arguable, given that just months earlier, he had postulated that the Republican administration responded to the thwarting of an "imminent" and "massive" terror attack on trans-Atlantic flights with a Code Red security alert because a Democrat incumbent lost in a Connecticut Senate primary.

Seriously, he wrote that. Check it out.

So, yeah, forgive me applying that wildly out-of-bounds label. Aravosis was offended by what he considered a personal attack, which I thought very odd, indeed. If someone called me "far right," I might quibble with the characterization, but I wouldn't take it so personally.

Anyway, you can read his side of that fairly boring dust-up at the Politico link, in which he gets in a little jab at me. Aravosis is an extremely nice guy in person, but I still think "far Left" is a fairly generous descriptor for his blog persona.

But here's the fun part of the piece. A little bit o' MSM love for the HamNation?

Ham has been creating weekly video blogs she calls HamNation.  They are that rare commodity known as conservative humor, and they’re good. “Even though it’s staunchly conservative, a lot of my liberal friends don’t mind watching it,” she said.
Oh, yes.

Speaking of HamNation, I got a new camera and mikes and new lighting kit this week. Woo hoo!

Last week's Blogjam was on Kevin Drum, who it turns out, is a lot older than I though he was. He writes young. I figured him for early 30s, maybe.