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Whitey Has Too Much Power, and Other Political Stories

"What? Friends listen to Endless Love in the dark."

AP: Early primary states give whitey too much influence.

AP: Republican candidates give whitey advisers too much influence.


Guiliani makes a boatload of money and Mr. Poverty-Solver earned most of his income from a hedge fund last year.

Democrat budget blueprint promises surplus in five years, as long as the rest of us pay for their new spending with our tax cuts.

Ana Marie Cox not sued.

Hassan Nasrallah gets all anti-Semitic in primetime thanks American taxpayer dollars.

Kerry redux:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clintonvoted Wednesday to advance legislation cutting off money for the Iraqwar, then refused to pledge to support the measure if it came to avote, then said she would.

John Adams gets his coin.

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