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Bush Derangement Syndrome Reaches Video Games

The beta version of first-person shooter game Halo 3 offered a "Cheneymania" award for players who could kill 10 men with a shotgun without getting killed themselves

The award will not be available in the final version, says Microsoft.

Comments from a forum on the game, including some unexpectedly classy ones:

"A lot of you say that the joke isn't political, but you're wrong- A joke about a politician IS political...don't get me wrong, the joke is pretty funny," wrote forum user RedHound5. "I mean, it's not every day that a man shoots another man in the face by accident- but the problem with this joke is people turn it political."

But another forum user named Dark Quiche Boy wasn't happy with the one-time vice presidential in-game achievement.

"Dude," Dark Quiche Boy complained. "Thats not a cool medal. Poor Cheney, it was an accident."


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