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HamNation: On the Debate (Late!)

All right, so I hastily and a bit sloppily recut what I had planned to be the HamNation on Friday before it crashed on me and made me sad.

Katie and I just talked a little about the debate and our impressions. It's a little stale now, but I wanted to get it up anyway. It's on the long side just because it was a chatty format, and I didn't feel like cutting it down into the shorter version I had ready on Friday. Hope you guys'll forgive. For being late, I'll have bonus videos that I shot at the Milblogs Conference this weekend. I'll try to get at least one of those up today.



Update: One of my commenters points out that McCain's arms were injured when he was a POW, and resulted in some limited movement for him. Just to clear up any confusion, Katie and I, of course, would never mean to make fun of any injuries he received. I've actually seen him be much more comfortable-looking when he's speaking on the trail, and I think the finger-jabbing from the debate, which many have pointed out as a little uncomfortable, was a result of his trying to be very decisive and emphatic about the terror issue. That's what we were making reference to, and obviously, no harm was meant. As I wrote last week, I thought McCain's performance was solid, but uncharacteristically humorless, and the finger-jabbing was a symbol of that. That's all we meant to invoke, so my sincerest apologies for any confusion. We would never want to make fun of McCain's injuries, and I wager the tough Senator would understand that.

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