Study: Blame the Patriarchy for Your Individual Choices!

Posted: Apr 24, 2007 11:41 AM

Darleen picks apart an AP story about the dreaded pay gap, and shares this brilliant proposal, which comes to us courtesy of the American Association of University Women:

The American Assn. of University Women is backing two bills before Congress that would require equal pay for comparable but not identical jobs, and eliminate provisions allowing some employers to discipline workers who discuss their wages with co-workers.
That means, because women disproportionately choose teaching and counseling degrees over mathematics and engineering degrees, that Congress should mandate that teaching and counseling jobs pay as much as engineering jobs without regard to the free market.

Incidentally, I'm proposing a bill that would mandate that bloggers be paid as much as brain surgeons, despite the fact that I didn't incur any debt attending 10 years of school and that the practice of blogging carries with it considerably less risk of being sued for lopping off someone's cortexian-lobal-type area and, with it, their short-term memory.

Because, you know, just because I chose to be a blogger instead of a brain surgeon, that's no reason for this woman to be earning less than her male peers in "comparable but not identical jobs."

Freakin' patriarchy.