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Republican Jewish Coalition Running Ads Against Pelosi

I've seen this ad on TV three or four times in a matter of hours in D.C. Not sure if it's playing elsewhere, but it's a pretty good one. Be patient. There are a few too many seconds of intro on the ad before it starts:


The left blogs are calling it a swiftboating of Pelosi, but given that the ad echoes and quotes the Washington Post's editorial about Pelosi, that seems a weak charge.

The group boasts-- guess who?-- prominent Jewish Republicans on its board of directors (Ari Fleischer and Ken Mehlman among them). Gasp! And, Bush and Cheney have addressed the group before-- further, solid evidence that this group is both Jewish and Republican, just as the ad says it is. Dastardly! Crack investigators, these guys.

Nancy headed to Iran next?

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